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How Miami Food Tours Came To Be

Miami Food Tours was founded in 2009, as Miami’s first food and culinary tour company with the goal to turn Miami’s visitors into locals. As culinary and cultural storytellers, we are passionate about sharing Miami’s rich and sometimes dramatic history and allowing guests to “taste” the local culture. Guests skip the tourist traps and veer off the beaten path discovering the local way of life and some of the most charming and trendy spots through a selection of the locals’ favorite cafes and restaurants in the city.

We began our research by tasting our way through our own city—fueling up on Cuban coffees, relaxing in SoBe’s French bistros, tasting the variety of flavors of Miami’s Latin cafes and sharing laughs over plenty of ice cream. We listened to stories of the movers-and-shakers of Miami Beach, had lunch with the local business owners and hung out in the music and entertainment venues around town.

Finally we found the freshest Ceviche, sipped on the best Cortadito and discovered probably the best ice cream in the world. When you join us on a Miami Food Tour, we bring you all of these and more on Miami’s finest culinary walking tour—the SoBe Tour des Forks. Miami Food Tours is continuing to develop tasting tours of Miami’s most savory neighborhoods—there’s so much to discover in our town! Our newest tour—Swooped with Forks—reaches some of the hippest and also historically and culturally appealing neighborhoods of Miami including Wynwood, Design District and Buena Vista from the comfort of Swoop, Miami Beach’s premier golf cart taxi service. In addition to our public tours, Miami Food Tours offers Private Group Tours and Miami Food Tours Gift Certificates.

What makes Miami Food Tours different is that we reveal the greater story of Miami’s history and what it has to offer. We share not only a delicious and unique culinary experience, but also the culture, architecture, local customs and even the dramatic history of this marvelous city that our guests have come to love. Whether it’s an architectural gem, a love story from the past or a delicious new dish, you’ll be sure to find your own takeaway. From international vacationers to local Miami residents, everybody is sure to discover something new.

Our local, passionate tour guides are delighted to share the culinary discoveries, dramatic tales from the past and architectural observations with our guests. We suggest that you take your tour in the beginning of your stay because we will tantalize your taste buds and open your eyes to a whole new side of Miami that we’re sure you’ll want to keep exploring on your own!

Buen provecho! (As they say in Spanish)

Miami Food Tours


As cultural and culinary storytellers, our passion is sharing the story of Miami’s rich history, food, and culture and allowing our guests to taste the culture!


Director of Operations

Our founder Kelly Woodward started Miami Food Tours while working in the architecture field in Miami. Sitting behind a desk in a climate-controlled office building, she daydreamed of Miami’s sunshine and fresh ocean breezes and yearned for her days of past traveling and architecture studies while discovering local cafes and eateries as a way to immerse herself in the local culture.

When the housing bubble burst and the economy came crashing down, Kelly had extra time to pursue her vision and passion of sitting in Miami’s cafes all day while showing tourists the locals’ favorite restaurants and hangouts. Now she loves sharing with others the local way of life—which includes some of the best local spots in the city.

According to Kelly, “I went from designing spaces to designing experiences!” Kelly “curated” the first food tour, SoBe Tour des Forks Food Tour, four years ago and has been growing the business and tours ever since.”