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The Boston Globe describes Miami Food Tours, “Bite by bite in Miami Beach” as the “Food tour delivers local treasures and a short stroll through history.”

Florida Travel + Life says, “No one would ever shy away from eating their way through South Beach, but why do it alone when you can join guide Kelly, an architecture-buff-turned-foodie.”

The Miami Herald says “This tour is a more intimate setting. It is like going out with friends.”

“Don’t expect chain restaurants or tourist traps; most of the places you visit are small, authentic ‘mom and pop’ spots specializing in a certain type of cuisine.”

On the Southern Agenda Oct/Nov 2012 “The SoBe Tour des Forks, which kicks off its season with daily tours beginning October 15, shows a different side of South Beach, relying on cultural and historical points of interest to lead you to tastings at five favorite local eateries.”

The Miami Herald calls it a “Feast by Foot” going on to say that, “Many signed up for [Kelly’s] new Miami Food Tours expecting to get a bite of South Beach cuisine—which [she] dubs ‘Mi-yummy’. Kelly also serves up a side of history and architecture”

Deco Drive says, “South Beach has a rich history and perhaps even richer food, but thanks to a so-flo local, you can sample both and get some exercise at the same time.”

Ocean Drive says “Miami Food Tours’ SoBe Tour des Forks is an educational 1.5-mile food-sampling trek through South Beach during which tour-goers are schooled on the city’s cuisine, history and architecture.”

“You’ll be visiting five of South Beach’s best restaurants, but hey, it’s a walking tour – you’re burning calories, right?”

“SoBe Tour des Forks’ 1.5 mile culinary journey dishes up tantalizing samples of South Beach’s flavorful food, dramatic architecture and evocative history.”